Sunday, September 30, 2007

Adobe Directory Traversal???????

The other night Christ1an showed me a link of with directory traversal. It was an old exploit, however it works on Adobe. This showed how Adobe is not taking application security seriously. Well, i managed to saw the entire /etc/passwd file and DAMN!! i did not take a screen shot of it. I was too careless and excited not to take a screenshot. The following day, the issue was resolved with reports being made to Adobe. Well check out the exploit here that was used against Adobe:

Add a null byte character at the end of passwd. Please note that the exploit will not work anymore. However, this is the actual string i used few nights ago.

The Hacka Man


0kn0ck (Aditya K Sood) said...

Yup ! This issue is very critical one but incidentally it was undertaken 6-7 months back. I applied it too and more over if you see theree is XXE attack possible through PDF too. The XML External Entity Calling.

The prime cause of this is inclusion of direct PDF stubs in the server for viewing PDF files.

My upcoming research felicitates all these issues.

Anonymous said...

hi, let me know when your research is ready.


Anonymous said...

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