Friday, November 16, 2007

Deadly execution in huge Financial Company

I was auditing one of the biggest financial company in the world and here in the Singapore branch, it was just really bad. I was playing around with the software and noticed an uploading function. With evil thoughts in my mind, i quickly wanted to see if this application does allow uploading of exe, bat or some other executable files. To my wildest surprise, it does allow the uploading of exe files and i tell you, i could upload any sorts of trojan or virus and execute it on the client's pc. I actually did upload an exe program and tried execute it on the client's pc and it did execute the program accordingly and smoothly with no protection on the client's pc. It was really just bad. Moreover, the application itself also does allow command execution on the querystring which was really an eye opener. It was just a lucky day with my audit and an unlucky day for the customer. Report had been submitted and lets hope they will rectify the problem to avoid any attacks.

Check out for my next post on Two Factor Authentication Man in the Middle attack PoC

The Hacka Man

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