Saturday, April 7, 2007

Cisco IOS CLI regular expressions, Part II — ‘AND’

Handsomeplanet wrote about using regex in IOS which is a good idea to see it live.

Here’s a scenario: you’re auditing one of your routers, checking to make sure privilege levels are what they should be for individual users, and that commands that have been moved into non-default privilege levels that appear to be correctly defined.

Here’s the output of ’show running-config’ with only lines that match ‘privi’ included (so as to catch lines that show privilege levels:

IOS-rtr#sh run | inc privi
username sneezy privilege 0 secret 5 $1$Dz6cKoEINsYusITt.l
username dopey privilege 0 secret 5 $1$MIUYWJ.I3iGq/qNleB.
username meson privilege 0 secret 5 $1$7uBWyjan.5JB8KHR0
username gluon privilege 15 secret 5 $1$VuoC$09dsgXRB.A/d
privilege exec level 0 traceroute
privilege exec level 0 ping
privilege exec all level 0 show
privilege exec level 0 clear ip nat translation
privilege exec level 0 clear ip nat
privilege exec level 0 clear ip
privilege exec level 0 clear
privilege configure level 7 logging
privilege configure level 7 logging trap
privilege configure level 7 logging source
privilege level 15
privilege level 15

In this case, you can use the regular expression “.*” (dot-star) to match lines that contain both the word ‘privilege’ and ‘level 0′, thus eliminating other priv levels, as well as username definitions:
IOS-rtr#sh run | inc privi.*level 0
privilege exec level 0 traceroute
privilege exec level 0 ping
privilege exec all level 0 show
privilege exec level 0 clear ip nat translation
privilege exec level 0 clear ip nat
privilege exec level 0 clear ip
privilege exec level 0 clear

The same thing works for an audit of ‘level 7′ commands:

OS-rtr#sh run | inc privi.*level 7
privilege configure level 7 logging
privilege configure level 7 logging trap
privilege configure level 7 logging source

If you want to show lines that match privilege levels other than zero, you could use this:
IOS-rtr#sh run | inc priv.*[1-9]

You should note that the “.*” (dot-star) regular expression can be used as a synonym for AND, provided that you are aware that “.*” is not order agnostic.
In order to do a true AND, you’d need an expression like :
sh run | inc (privi.*level 0|level 0.*privi)
This will match lines containing both ‘privilege’ and ‘level 0′, no matter which of the words appears first. To illustrate this, I’ll create a loopback interface (loop3) with some description text that will match the regex:

IOS-rtr#conf t
Enter configuration commands, one per line. End with CNTL/Z.
IOS-rtr(config)#int loop3
IOS-rtr(config-if)#desc level 0 is not privileged here!
IOS-rtr#sh run | inc (privi.*level 0|level 0.*privi)
description level 0 is not privileged here!
privilege exec level 0 traceroute
privilege exec level 0 ping
privilege exec all level 0 show
privilege exec level 0 clear ip nat translation
privilege exec level 0 clear ip nat
privilege exec level 0 clear ip
privilege exec level 0 clear

It works! Notice that we caught both the description line and the privilege exec lines.

I guess I’m easily excited, but there it is. Next time I write about regular expressions for IOS, I’ll cover a kooky but somewhat useful use of ‘exclude’ that will get you just what you need from a list of dynamic switch MAC addresses.


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