Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Windows Vista Forensics

I was reading articles and i happen to stumble a microsoft vista forensics article. In this article, Jamie Morris from Forensic Focus share his view on vista forensics and several new vista features. I think microsoft is really picking up on security these days compared to the past and their response to security incident is fast. Yes, you can agrue that vista is hacked and it is not secure, but still which softwre doesnt have bugs? Most importantly, they always release patches fast after certain exploits has been discovered and allowing end users like us to do update. Linux is powerful and has improved a lot over the years, but still i would prefer to use microsoft as my main OS and Linux as a VMWare image, why? Because i think Bill Gates is great. I give full support to this man 100%. Without Bill, you wont have a great OS like Windows for you to start your computer knowledge with. Well, this is just my point of view, but you can argue.


tjs said...

How is Windows Vista hacked and insecure?

Anonymous said...

if you go to securityfocus or digg, you can see all sorts of security related articles with vista.