Thursday, July 19, 2007

Thanks Chr1stian, Google Store flaw?

The other night i was talking to Chr1stian about XSS and google. We were chatting and suddenly the topic got more and more interesting. But anyway, Chr1stian is really a kind soul and a nice nice person to talk with. He taught me a lot of things which i don't understand and guide me slowy with each steps. Thank you Chr1stian for your patience, I can say that now i understand at least 90% of what you taught me. Also, we were talking about how security doesn't make money to flaws in google to google did not correct most of them holes that were reported by him.

I am sure that if i got a chance to test the google application, i will find more flaws, however because of my work schedule, i don't really have the time to play around. Anyway, i still wanna say thanks to Chr1stian, don't forget our deal. :)

The Hacka Man


christ1an said...

This was not supposed to be disclosed!

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