Saturday, March 31, 2007

BotMaster Spamming

Generating mass traffic to your site in a small amount time = spamming? Ok, i just came across this tool from Well, personally i wouldn't use this tool at all. What if someone reports me to the authority? Or what if someone proxy forward all the traffic to a FBI webform? On the other hand, you can earn money by telling someone that you can help his/her site to rank no 1 in google, but well that is conning to me. I once had a colleague who wanted his site to be rank 1 in google so badly that he is willing to pay USD $2000 for a service. That is crazy money for a proclaimed statement by any company. Well, i don't trust all these so called "SEO service" either. They either con you and say bye bye or they might drag the process to make you rank No 1 in google. I will let you guys to think what this tool can do good or do damage for you. Let me know?

For more on how to prevent yourself from being compromised by this tool, visit below:

For the demo of this tool and how it can be used, visit below:

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