Thursday, March 29, 2007

Cracking Wireless Network

Ok, i bet most of the people do know how to break wireless networks, but still it is good to post it here. The software that i am going to use is Aircrack-ng. The reason i use this software is because it is open source, fast and has a suite of tools that can perform a hell lot of tasks. Ok, so in order to sniff and break wiressless networks, you will need to place your wireless network card in promiscuous mode and sniff sufficient amount of Initialization Vectors. For more information on how many IVs to sniff, please visit the aircrack-ng website. To crack WEP, it is as simple as 123, as long as you have enough IVs. But to crack WPA, because of the 4 way handshake authentication protocol, you would need to sniff until a handshake takes place between a wireless client and the access point and force the client to reauthenticate, and then you can start a deauth attack with aireplay-ng. For more information, please read here the faq at Make sure you go through it.

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