Friday, March 30, 2007


Ok, this is my 50th post and i am going to introduce a service call spoofing caller ID. I had known this service a few months back, but it just came into my mind that i had to blog this. Personally, i had not tried it before, so i can't really comment on it. From the reading the FAQ, it is cheap, anonymous and best of all it is simple. Imagine this, calling without anyone knowing your real number? What can you do with it? hehehe, i will let you guys run wild imagination...


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Ok, this is my 50th post and i am going to introduce a service call spoofing caller ID. I had known this service a few months back, but it just came into my mind that i had to blog this. Personally, i had not tried it before, so i can't really comment on it. From the reading the FAQ, it is cheap, anonymous and best of all it is simple. Imagine this, calling without anyone knowing your real number? What can you do with it? hehehe, i will let you guys run wild imaginationswtor gold
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