Thursday, June 28, 2007


I always wanted to work for SAP because they pay huge money. I remembered i was being interviewed by SAP back in Singapore. During the first interview, it took me at least 1-2 hours of conversation and i passed the interview. The HR invited me for a second interview, however this time, the interviewer is crap. He asked all sorts of questions and i succintly answered them without beating around the bush. Its either he didnt get what i am trying to say or he is just plain talkative. I entrench strong to my roots for what i said and he did not believe me and saying that i am a pefect candidate for the position and looks like what they are searching for. ALL BLOODY CRAP!!!! A bunch of liars. They truly antagonize me and i loathe them for that. I am a straight person, if you don't wish to hire me, thats fine, just tell me straight and i will understand. Don't have to setup a bunch of stories and be a coward.

Well, good luck to you SAP. If i have a chance to audit your system, i promise i will bring down all your SAP/R3 servers and other external servers you have. Better protect your RFC or you will be OWNED!

The Hacka Man


michele sandrelli said...


Hahahahah ,You moron m4d l33t haxor

And yes ,I work for sap



Anonymous said...

hhahahahhhaahah.....what i mean is SAP singapore. Which country are u from?


Anonymous said...

Respect for this post. I'm with you.

Anonymous said...

thank you.


chunxue said...

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