Tuesday, June 26, 2007

VoIPong installation error

For those of you who try to install VoIPong and have installation errors like the ones below, the problem and solution are provided as shown below:

Murat Balaban writes:

> Hi Henrique,
> Which UNIX user is trying to run voipong? It seems a non-root
> user is running it, but does not have the sufficient privileges
> to open the ethernet device in promisc mode.
> Plus, you seem to have problems with the permissions of
> your modules directory. That directory should be owned by
> the same user running voipong.
> Thursday, May 31, 2007, 8:41:56 PM, you wrote:
> > Release 2.0, running on DINP70759 [Linux 2.4.25-klg #1
> > SMP Ter Abr 6 09:28:24 BRT 2004 i686]
> > (c) Murat Balaban http://www.enderunix.org/
> > 31/05/07 14:34:14: EnderUNIX VOIPONG Voice Over IP
> > Sniffer starting...
> > 31/05/07 14:34:14: Release 2.0 running on DINP70759
> > [Linux 2.4.25-klg #1 SMP Ter Abr 6 09:28:24 BRT 2004
> > i686]. (c) Murat Balaban http://www.enderunix.org/
> > [pid: 669]
> > 31/05/07 14:34:14: Default matching algorithm: lfp
> > 31/05/07 14:34:14: error:
> > securemod(/usr/local/etc/voipong/modules/modvocoder_pcma.so):
> > gid: got 50, expected 0
> > 31/05/07 14:34:14: error:
> > securemod(/usr/local/etc/voipong/modules/modvocoder_pcmu.so):
> > gid: got 50, expected 0
> > 31/05/07 14:34:14: loaded 0 module(s)
> > 31/05/07 14:34:14: libpcap start failure:
> > pcap_open_live: SIOCGIFHWADDR: No such device
> > 31/05/07 14:34:14: PID 669 [parent: 653]: exited with
> > code: 1. uptime: .
I had the same problems and i had solved it using this command
sudo chown -R root:root /usr/local/etc/voipong/modules/modvocoder_pcm*
Also for the voipongnets, i created the file by
touch /usr/local/etc/voipong/voipongnets
This will solve the error below.


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