Monday, June 18, 2007

Using ftp with CUTCP telnet

Check out CUTCP

"Telnet is a program used to interactively log in to a remote computer. CUTCP telnet is a program that runs on a PC and is used in CIRCA labs and elsewhere on campus to log in to remote computers. This program can also function as an ftp server when you are logged in to a remote host. This means that you can use the host's ftp client to connect back to yourself. Here's how you do it:

1) First use telnet to log in to the remote host.

2) Press Alt/T. This will generate an ftp command with the proper network address and start the ftp client program on the interactive host.

3) When it asks for a name, enter anything.

4) When it asks for a password, press Alt/W. This will provide a hidden password to authenticate the connection.

Remember that when you have completed this connection, your PC is an ftp server, and the interactive host is running an ftp client. To transfer a file from the interactive host to your PC, use the put command. To transfer a file from the PC to the interactive host, use the get command."

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