Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Challenge me on Web Application Security???

One day after the application penetration test, i was contacted by an huge organization who apparently view/read my blog. Basically they issue a challenge to test on my knowledge and skills on web application security assessment. Well, i don't really care or bother how huge you organization is, i accept your challenge and i will show you that your public facing website will be used as a zombie for unidentified attacks. Don't blame me for that. You issue a challenge and i responded. I don't have anything to prove, except that i would love to see how good is your web security.

The Hacka Man


Security4all said...
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Security4all said...

Be sure to ask for a "get out of jail card" aka Pentest agreement from management before making any live tests on a netwerk/application.

My 2 cents of advice. Have fun.

kuza55 said...

Pfft, all a challenge is is a way to get a free pen test without having to pay someone. Ask for $$


Anonymous said...

Well, i wish i could as for $$, but damn, lets see how they respond. Man, i don't need to prove myself to no one. If i can get headhunted from singapore to dubai, that is already an point blink.


chunxue said...

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