Thursday, October 4, 2007

You are OwNED!!!

Hey "big organization", I don't think i need to prove too much. Check out your logs or something. Check out whatever you have. I just spend roughly around 5 minutes on your site and i got what i want. Well, i don't think you worth my precious time doing good for your site. This is just a simple test. I can do more damaging stuff, but well I don't see the point of doing more damage. I don't have to prove no more. Take this shit from me and do your part. Peace.

The Hacka Man


m1ke said...

XSS is therefor not always that dangerous, but that depends on the website entirely... :)

nice work man, though I don't know if the laws there allow you to do such things. Here it's all a bit stricter :)


s0le said...

i just wonder why you persist in saying hey big organization take that? its cool that you find xss holes in big organizations, but then again who doesn't these days....

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