Thursday, October 18, 2007

e... singapore, re-evaluate your website!

Well, i am roughly around 10 mins before i start audit, but anyway, i would love to talk about e... singapore. Heard quite a few bad things about e... singapore and i remembered while i was at Dubai, i was asking them for a job, but in the end, they void my application. Back in Singapore, my colleagues were just talking about security companies in Singapore and they mentioned e.... I have no grudges against e..., but frankly speaking, as a MSS and now trying to expand their business into the IS field, i am issuing a challenge against them. By just browsing their websites, i am pretty sure that they can be Own3d! From my guess, they could be easily using IIS 5 or 6 and for this i can be sure by just testing one of their functions, without scanning their website. As for owning them, i pretty sure they tightened up most of the holes, EXCEPT for one. All in all, if they want to step into the the IS field, the first step would be to tighten their own holes first, or else how could they convince people that they are doing IS when they own site is at risk????? e..., get your internal auditors to re-evaluate the e... website or get me at NO cost to help you do the job.

The Hacka Man


Anonymous said...

While reading your blog from the beginning, you started off very well with the intent to educate and share knowledge. It seems that lately, you're after sensationalism; getting challenged and issuing challenges is not what we do in Security.


chunxue said...

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Anonymous said...

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